'La educación prohibida' (2012)
Lester Bangs (edited by Grail Marcus): 'Psychotic Reactions and Carburator Dung' [download link]

"Until his death in 1982 at age 34, Bangs wrote freewheeling rock ‘n’ roll pieces for Creem, Rolling Stone, the Village Voice and London’s NME (New Musical Express). As a rock critic, he was adept at distinguishing the commercially packaged product from the real thing. Written in a conversational, wisecracking, erotically charged style, his impudent reviews and essays explore the connections between rock and the body politic, the way rock stars cow their audiences and how the pursuit of success and artistic vision destroys or makes rock performers as human beings. This collection covers “fake moneybags revolutionary” Mick Jagger, John Lennon (“I can’t mourn him”), David Bowie “in Afro-Anglican drag,” Iggy Pop, the Troggs, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Chicago, the Clash, many more.”

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"Gana la tecnología más fuerte"

Una entrevista a Pablo Soto y David Bravo, algunas ideas sobre el futuro de las descargas y esto del compartir en internet. Publicado en Diagonal #165.

Tres mitos a erradicar relacionados con internet y la cultura libre