A Book Bloc’s Genealogy

Book Bloc hits the streets of Rome / Nov 23

Respingiamo questa riforma! Decine di facoltà occupate, azioni e blocchi delle stazioni = Italian students begin actions, occupations and blockings using mock books as banners and shields.

Book Bloc gets its name / Nov 24

Wu Ming reports: "Our novel Q clashes with the Italian police". A comment on this entry is the first record of the “Book Bloc” on the internet.

Nuova narrazione per la battaglia / Nov 24

Intervista con Wu Ming sul Book Bloc + English excerpt here.

Gli scontri a Roma, in via del Corso / Nov 30

Students cause chaos around Italy in cuts protest

Book Bloc comes to London / Dec 7

Inspired by, and in solidarity with the Italians and their demo against Berlusconi’s education reforms an assemblage of life-size books are being constructed for this Thursday’s national demonstration against the cuts.
Students, artists and cultural workers preparing actions against the cuts. They arranged a meeting point and called for suggestions for Dec 9 demo.

The Democratic Library / Dec 8

Uniriot.org - Il Network Delle facoltà Ribelli - vi propone un sondaggio per scegliere collettivamente quali saranno i libri che costituiranno il Book Block il prossimo 14 Dicembre. I risultati:
1- LA volontà di sapere - Foucault
2- 1984 - Orwell
3- Il cavaliere inesitente - Calvino
4- L’origine della specie - Darwin
5- Noi saremo tutto - Evangelisti
6- L’etica - Spinoza
7- Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury
8- Fight Club - Palanhiuk
9- Il dottor Zivago - Pasternak
10- In ogni caso nessun rimorso - Cacucci
11- La divina commedia - Dante
12- Q - Luther Blisset
13- Cosa può un corpo - Deleuze
14- Manifesto Cyborg - Haraway
15- Casino totale - J. Izzo
16- Odissea - Omero
17 La tempesta - Shakespeare
18- Shock economy - Klein
19- Comici, spaventati guerrieri - Benni
20- I demoni - Dostoevsky

Italian press claims the nationality of the invention / Dec 9

Corriere della Sera: "Anche a Londra sfilano i book-bloc - Libri e scudi di gommapiuma, ideati alla Sapienza".

Book Bloc London press release / Dec 9

Books are our tools – we teach with them, we learn with them, we play with them, we create with them, we make love with them and, sometimes, we must fight with them.
A declaration of intentions by Arts Against Cuts.

British Parliament Riot Book Block Stands Firm / Dec 9

The Book Block did well during today’s demo at Parliament and beyond (as did all the other brilliant fighters in the masses). Here Guy Debord’s great text ‘The Society of The Spectacle’ resists police attacks. Caught up in between NUS, Education Activist Network, Green Party, SWP, NCFAC and all those others who really just seek to take power, those who just got on with resisting the police attacks gladden the heart.
As reported in Indymedia.

The Book Bloc recognizes itself / Dec 9

Within the book block a new generation recognized and found itself in the protest. Today in lots of cities the Italian student movement is showing something more than just solidarity: this is because your struggle is our struggle and all around Europe students are against the increasing of fees, the privatisation of the university and the education cuts. You are not alone in UK: an European event, a new generation do not want to stop. We have the force whom want to change the world and we have the intelligence to do it. It is just the beginning!
Uniriot: "European Calling: is just the beginning! Call in It/Eng/Fr/De".

Mais les livres ne sont pas l’avant-garde à Londres / Dec 9

"Les étudiants des universités sont passés à l’attaque avec des boucliers de carton en forme de livres, comme leur collègues italiens. Génial. Mais ce qui est vraiment important est que la tête la plus farouche de la manif, la ligne de combat contre les flics, était composée de jeunes hommes du sud-ouest de la ville."
Parce que "L’avant-garde danse le dubstep".

Corporate media read the books / Dec 10

Radical writing is often described as being at the intellectual barricades, but here at the protest, metaphor became reality. The books were not only at the barricades, they were the barricades, behind which the students could both take shelter and push forward; could “transgress” across the police lines while the truncheons fell on the books, not the demonstrators. The scene embodied something profound: ideas do shield people, and those who dislike the status quo can find protection in words of subversion.
Jay Griffiths in The Guardian, among other starring features. Tiqqun finally gets to the front page:

Book Bloc sfila anche a Genova / Dec 12

New books showing up in Genoa.

Wu Ming launches the trending topic / Dec 12

"Quadratura dei cerchi concentrici – #nogelmini #bookbloc #demo2010", an analysis and some theory behind the strokes.

Book Bloc reaches the age of majority in their home town / Dec 14

Books seen all around the riots and clashes while Silvio Berlusconi is confirmed as Life Emperor of Italy, being heavily repressed by police and heavily depicted by corporate media.

Anche a Milano / Dec 14

Reported by @Wu_Ming_Foundt: Also reaches Berlusconi’s home town. Although some of the guys preferred blank paper.

"Niente violenza ma tanta rabbia" a Palermo / Dec 22

As students go on fighting the cuts on the streets, books clash the pigs again. See pics here and here.

Cover feature in Spain / Dec 23

Spanish most read underground press: "La dictadura de los mercados sacude Europa", illustrated with books from Rome.

Art Attack per il tuo Book Bloc / Dec 24

UniRiotTV aims for D.I.Y.

More talking / Feb 23, 2011 

A seminar called “From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc: the Italian movement and the coming European insurrection" is held @ Lecture Theatre, Courtauld Institute, London.
"What thread links the political experience of Tute Bianche with the Book Blocs we have seen last autumn on the streets of Rome and London? What is the link between the alter-globalisation movement of Seattle and Genoa and the student and youth movements that are now setting Europe on fire?"
Look for answers in the transcripts, available in English and Italia, following the link.

Now book are not defensive but offensive / Mar 2

NOTE: This story is based on Google - therefore it is not true. If you want to share more info or report book sights on the streets, please comment below.
December 25, 2010
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